Our Services

JKN Limited specializes in electrical designs and installation. We design, construct, install, commission, maintain and repair and have since 1962 carried out these specialized electrical services throughout the federation:

  • High Voltage Electrical Power Reticulations
  • Rural Electrification
  • Extra Low Voltage Systems
  • Fire Alarm
  • CCTV
  • BMS
  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing and Installation in Industrial, Commercial, High Rise, Estates and all complexes.

JKN Limited also provides overhead power transmission and distribution systems such as:

  • Transmission Lines
  • Distribution (Overhead and Underground)33KV, 11KV, 415V
  • Substations (132/33KV, 33/11KV abd 11/0.415KV)

Our mechanical engineering services also involves design, construction, installation, commissioning, maintaining and repairing. JKN Limited has performed mechanical engineering services throughout the federation such as:

  • Plumbing and Indutrial Piping of Liquid and Gases
  • Water Storage and Distribution
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment
  • Fire Fighting Hydrants and Sprinkler Systems,
  • HVAC,
  • Etc.

JKN Limited is a member of Facilities Management Association of Nigeria. We manage facilities such as electrical, water services, sewage and air conditioning systems in buildings. To this end, we provide spare parts and labour for maintaining essential services in buildings.

We also maintain petrochemical complexes and have participated in turnaround maintenance of refineries, servicing of vessel pipe works, descaling, application of paints to prevent chemical reactions on martime structures and refinery complexes.

At JKN Limited,  we have many products associates and are therefore able to supply with minimum delivery period for all building, electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning and telecommunications materials. We also supply service spare parts.

At JKN Limited, we are actively involved as a contractor, developer or co-developer in the provision of infrastructure including building construction, borehole drilling, water storage and distribution networks, water and sewage treatment, drainage construction, rural electrification and overhead power transmissionand substatio works.

JKN Limited undertakes site build projects on turnkey basis including:

  • BTS Civil Works
  • Shelter Assembly
  • Palisade Fence/Gate
  • Diesel Tank Fabrication
  • Rigging of Tower
  • RF and Transmission Work
  • Power System Supply and Installation
  • Site Acquisition and Technical Site Survey
  • BTS Site Maintenance
  • Remote Site Alarm Monitoring System
  • ELP Installation

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